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    Wink Names related to cats?

    I'm looking for names related to cats. It could be anything - for example, Bast could work since she was the Egyptian cat goddess, but so could Tom because Tom the Cat (and also, a male cat is called a tom). Any ideas?
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    Another thing you might try is looking for names that mean things that describe cats, like if a name meant curious or something like that. Even Felicia could work, maybe, because it sounds kind of like "feline?" I don't know if Catherine (nn Cat) would work? You could always have the character's initials spell CAT, too.

    Would "lion" names work? Those are easier to find than "cat" names, but I don't know if that's close enough to what you want.

    Other names:

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    Love cats!

    Mean "cat" or sound like cat:


    Famous cats:
    Gus, Demeter, Grizabella, Jemima, Victoria, Alonzo, Cassandra, George, Plato, Victor - usable names from "Cats" the musical.
    Nyx, Freya, Sekhmet, Sphinx - deities related to cats.
    Garfield, Arlene, Bucky, Cheshire, Hobbes, Sagwa, Simba, Nala, Sylvester - cartoon cats.
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    There's also Tabitha and Thomasina.
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    Like iconic/famous cats?

    Marie - The Aristocrats (Disney)
    Thomas O'Malley - The Aristocrats
    Duchess - The Aristocrats
    Berlioz - The Aristocrats
    Toulouse - The Aristocrats
    Figaro - Pinocchio (Disney)
    Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland
    Lucifer - Cinderella (Disney)
    Oliver - Oliver and Company (Disney)
    Dinah - Alice in Wonderland (Disney)
    Cat - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Mr. Bigglesworth - Austin Powers
    Binx - Hocus Pocus
    Milo - The Adventures of Milo and Otis
    Sassi - Homeword Bound

    Big Cats (tigers, lions, etc...)
    Aslan - The Chronicles of Narnia
    Rajah - Aladdin (Disney)
    Tigger - Winnie The Pooh
    Simba - The Lion King
    Scar - The Lion King
    Nala - The Lion King
    Mufasa - The Lion King
    Sarabi - The Lion King
    Kiara - The Lion King 2
    Kovu - The Lion King 2
    Nuka - The Lion King 2
    Zira - The Lion King 2
    Vitani - The Lion King 2

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