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    Middle Names for Graham and Elliot

    So we're thinking of moving Graham and Elliot to our top boy slots but they still need middles. Our surname is Cook so we prefer softer sounding middle names. With Elliot we would like a one syllable middle and with Graham we would like a two syllable middle name.

    Some middle names we were considering
    Graham Everett Cook
    Graham Thomas Cook
    Graham Wesley Cook

    Other names we like
    Rufus Graham Cook
    Jasper Rhys Cook - Although it was pointed out that this runs together because of the R's
    Jasper Flynn Cook
    Simon Jules Cook
    Henry Wes Cook

    Our girls names are in my signature
    Lilla Clare (7) Vivienne Grace (5) Tess Magnolia (2)
    Baby #4 due April 2018
    Josette Eloise or Garrett Eugene

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    javad Guest
    Of the Graham options, I like Graham Everett Cook the best (the longest option as well, which I think is best with a very short first and last name). I don't actually like Graham Cook too much though, I think your other first name options work better with your last name. I think Elliot Flynn Cook would be a good combo for Elliot.
    My favorite overall name from your list there is definitely Jasper Flynn Cook (such an awesome name!)

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