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    He Hates My Suggestions! Help!

    Right, my top 5 names for a daughter (if we have one) are;

    Josie, Rosalind, Isabelle, Beatrice + Verity

    his are:

    Isabelle, Lydia, Naomi, Violet + Francesca

    I like Isabelle, however, I hate Izzy/Issy, and I know if we named our daughter that, she'd be branded as Issy. I also like Naomi, but there's a tv programme here, called Skins, and Naomi was a character on that. Naomi was, perhaps not the most, well regarded of characters, as far as I know, only the lesbian community really liked her, and everyone else thought she was horrid? (At least, among those I know, that's the connection). I'm trying my best to convince him to like one of the names I've suggested, as they're uncommon,and Rosalind's not even in the top 1000 in the UK. How should I go about doing it?

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    I think that Isabelle is a beautiful name and I think the nn of Belle is beautiful and intuitive.

    Combo of

    Isabelle Beatrice


    Rosalind Violet
    Lydia Josephine (yo suh feen ah)

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    Since you both like Isabelle, I just wanted to chime in and say I'm a teacher and have had an Isabelle in my class who only went by Isabelle. I never heard any other student call her anything's only 3 syllables so it's not like it needs a nickname. My vote is to pick a name you both love, rather than try to convince him of liking one of your names.

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    Isabelle is one of my most favourite names. She doesn't have to be Issy.

    I know at least 2 Isabelle's that go by Bella.

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    Well, personally, I adore Isabelle. It's my top choice for a girl. Are you sure she'd be branded as Izzy? I hear Belle or Bella much more often for Isabelle/Isabella, and as it's the only name you both agree on (and obviously love, as it's both in your top 5), I would go for it. It's beautiful. Do you like any of the other nns? Isa (ee-sah), Ibby, Abby, Belle, Bella, Elle, Ellie, Ella, etc.? Even I think even Sable or Sybil could work as a nn for Isabelle, personally. If people ever try to call her Izzy/Issy, I think it'd be fine to just say, "Oh, she goes by Belle," or even just introduce her as Belle--they don't even need to know her full name is Isabelle, do they? Besides, Isabelle isn't too long that I think she HAS to have a nn. If I am ever lucky enough to have an Isabelle, she'd likely be Bella occasionally, but Isabelle at least 50 percent of the time--the name's too gorgeous to shorten, imo.

    Honestly, I've always thought that naming was more both finding a name you mutually really love--not getting him to agree to your name. That hardly seems fair to me, although I am fairly sure I would be tempted to try and get my future hypothetical husband to go for Isabelle or any other name on my top 5, too.

    I would suggest you keep looking until you can find a name you both love, or just use Isabelle and come up with a nn you both love together that isn't Izzy--you could even do something like Isabelle Violet, nn Ivy.
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