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    I thought they were girls' names from the heading...
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    If we'd had boys the list was: Godfrey, Seamus, Alexander, Michael, Felix, Peter, Ignatius & Sebastian.

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    I think Harper is very handsome and vastly prefer it as a boys name than a girls. I grew up with a guy named Aubrey, so for me it is very masculine but I don't think it's as appealing as Harper.
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    Although personally I think that Harper and Aubrey are names more suitable for boys, they are both pretty high up on the girls popularity list (in the US at least). I don't like Harper at all for any gender but Aubrey Nathaniel is a handsome combo. I think Harper and Aubrey would make a good sibling duo but most people would probably mistake them for girls if they weren't aware of their mn's.
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    If you want your boys to be teased, then go ahead. They may be traditionally boy, but are now used primarily for girls. I would not do it.

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    I dislike Harper for both boys and girls. It's a very unattractive sound to me. Both names are viewed as girl names.

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