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    Quote Originally Posted by lark View Post
    Oh, sorry if my post wasn't clear! Larson is my first son's middle name (Levi Larson). I was just giving his full name as an example of our "style".

    I'm looking for a name for my second baby, who if a boy, will have the middle name Vincent. Not Larson. So what do you think of Finnegan VINCENT?
    LOL... Ok, I thought Larson was the last name! Sorry! I like Nolan and Levi or Anders and Levi... but it depends on the surname. Anders, Nolan, and Vincent all have 2 syllables... so if you have a 2 syllable surname, maybe a longer first name would be better. I don't like Finnegan Vincent. Gan and Vin sound much too close... kinda kills the flow. Without a ln to go on, it's hard to say 100% which one works the best.
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    I like the suggestion of Seth with Levi.

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    Oh I adore Finnegan (nn Finnie) out of your other suggestions I quite like Anders and Nolan.

    Other suggestions:


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    Levi and Milo
    Levi and Bede
    Levi and Clark
    Levi and Reid
    Levi and Owen
    Levi and Noel
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