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    Brother for Levi with a few conditions

    Hi everyone! My 1st son is Levi Larson. I'm 28 weeks pregnant -- If this 2nd baby is boy, I have no idea. Nothing is standing out to me. My husband is set on Finnegan (nn Finn) which I'm coming around to, but want some others for my list.

    - Something that sounds good with our middle name pick - Vincent - after my husband's grandfather.

    - Something that doesn't end with -ER because our last name ends with -ER (too bad because I adore the name Wilder).

    - Something that's not too Biblical sounding. I like Asher, but Levi and Asher sound way too Old Testament to me.

    - A name that works on a surfer. Sounds funny, but we live in a beach town and my husband wants a name that sort of fits that.

    Here are some examples of names we're throwing around, but I need some ideas to flesh out this list. Thanks!

    Levi and ....

    Finnegan (Finn)
    Wade (I can't decide if this is too Country or if it could hint at the water/ocean ...)
    Cruz (vetoed)
    Blake (vetoed)
    Luke (can't use)
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