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    I love Rowen and think it's still more blue then pink. I can't get hubby on board so some of my alternates are Roman ronan rohan and Owen

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    From your list I like both Oliver and Jack, but my favourites would be Max, Rhett, Finn and August.

    I think Max or Finn work best with Sophie and Violet; Finn because it continues the similar and subtle 'i' theme in the names; Max just because it works somehow.

    On the topic of Rowan, I personally hope it's classed as a girls name (It's my name, it was a girls name when I was born!), I know it's more popular for boys in the US than for girls but I'm not sure about anywhere else since I'm just going on nameberry stats.

    I wouldn't go with Charlie as it has a similar ending sound to Sophie which leaves Violet as the odd one out and I think Zane stands out a bit in the list as all your other names (Inc. Sophie and Violet) are quite classic names and Zane feels more modern to me.

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    I love Oliver with Sophie and Violet. Jack goes really well to but I understand your concerns with popularity. I saw the suggestion Oliver Jack and I thought that was adorable and perfect since it uses both names you guys love. Maybe it's a compromise?

    As for Rowan, I'd say its more of a girl name. And if it isn't fully a girl name yet I think it will be soon so I'd steer clear of it. I know someone named Roland which is similar to Rowan if u like that.

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    With the vintage Sophie and Violet, I would choose...


    I like some of the other names on your list but they're either too contempory/modern sounding with your girls (Rowan, Finn, Zane) or too similar in sound (Rhett/August-Violet / Charlie-Sophie).
    All the best,

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    We have quite similar styles I'd say!

    From your list i like pretty much all of them and they're all names i've suggested and had vetoed in most cases, so i feel your pain! My fave is probably Rowan or Asher (2 of my faves from my own list!). To me, Rowan is very masculine and I really couldn't imagine using it on a little girl. Rowan Jack or Asher Jack are both very very handsome
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