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    wolv- I agree the more traditional names fit best with our sibset. We actually pronounce Violet as two syllables- more like Vy-let, so I don't think Oliver is too similar. They do both have the letter v and Sophie's name doesn't, but we would probably call him Ollie a lot as a nickname so I think it would work okay. I also like that all three names would have the exact same vowel letters- o, i and e. People think I'm crazy when I tell them that and I know no one else would ever notice it but I do think it's kind of a cool thing that ties all 3 names subtly together. But I can also see the other names you listed going well with our girls' names. I just find Jack and James a bit plain although I do like them and think they are very handsome names Thanks for your help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yw2 View Post
    I think Oliver Jack or Oliver Jackson would be cute and work well with your girl names.
    My thoughts exactly!

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    Although I love Rowan, if I heard someone had a violet Sophie and Rowan, I would assume they were 3 girls.

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    I like Asher, Oliver, or James with your girls' names. I'm not a big fan of Finn and Violet or August and Violet, as they both are nouny names... but Sophie isn't.
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    I think Max is perfect - classically awesome and I love it with Sophie and Violet - Max Oliver, perhaps?
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