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    Almost 30 weeks and still no name

    My husband and I are having a hard time agreeing on a name (as usual) for our third baby (first boy). I went back to the drawing board and gave him a new list of names and these are the ones he didn't veto:

    Oliver (my top choice from this list, husband is not too into it...)
    Jack (husband's top choice, I feel like I hear it everywhere so I would rather go with something different...)

    Our daughters are Sophie and Violet and it is important to me that this name works well in the sibset also.

    If it comes down to it and we can't agree on anything, my husband gets to choose the name this time because I chose our younger daughter Violet's name. He would hands down choose Jack so I'm trying to get used to the idea of that for this baby's name. I like Rowan but a little worried that it is going to the girls. Same with Charlie... I would love any opinions on this list and if there are any that seem out of place with our sibset, please let me know!! Thank you!

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    Asher is my favorite with your sibset, and I also think that Oliver, Jack, Max, Rowan, and James work.
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    I think Oliver Jack or Oliver Jackson would be cute and work well with your girl names.

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    Thank you for the replies. I like Oliver too but again don't know if my husband will agree to it. I think my favorites from our list are probably Oliver, Rowan, Max, and maybe Rhett or August. I would say his are Jack and James. Any thoughts on Rowan for a boy? Or other thoughts on the list at all? Thanks

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    I think the more traditional names fit best with your sibset: Jack, James, Max, Oliver, Charlie, August too maybe. The main strike against Oliver, it seems to me, besides that hubby doesn't like it, is that it's too much like Violet (three syllables, some of the same sounds). Asher doesn't fit thestsyle to me. Charlie, I don't think, has gone to the girls' side at all.

    I'd probably put James first. Maybe James Oliver? But I also do like Jack.

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