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    Are unisex names for girls ok?

    I personally love a lot of the unisex names I've heard lately.
    But, are they over done/trendy?
    Where I live, Hayden is pretty popular for girls, and I personally love it.
    I also really like Hunter, Parker, Dylan, Elliott, and Bradley.
    What are your thoughts? Any additions?

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    Unisex names are ok but I think it depends on the name. Some names are clearly male: Dylan, Elliot (and the rest you mentioned aside from Hayden). So I wouldn't use them on girls. But there are a lot of male names that have been taken over by females, or are now fairly unisex: Like Jamie. Those names are ok on girls. I have a male name (Shannon) but it doesn't feel male to me. Lol

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    For me, no. I have a unisex name (Ashley), I share the name with my uncle, and ugh, no, I hate it. I have no problem with Ashley--I actually like it. I love the tie to Ashley Downs, I love the connections to nature and England and all of that, but I feel like my femininity has been held back because I have a name that's also been used for years on boys and that bothers me a lot. I wouldn't want my daughter to feel like I have, that she can't be girly enough, that even if she wants to be a girl she can't be, because her name is holding her back. Do I see the appeal in unisex names? Sure. But most of them originated on boys and I don't want to put my daughter through that, so I won't do it. I love Jocelyn, Hadley, Addison, Harper, Eden, Willow, Morgan, etc. Would I ever use them on girls? No. If you like a unisex name on a boy, you can explain how it started out as a boys' name and it takes nothing away from him. But if you like a unisex name on a girl, what can you say? Oh, I thought it was cute. That's what I've always heard growing up, "Oh, we just thought Ashley Marie sounded good." I want much more depth, much more meaning, much more significance in the names of my children. I don't judge others who use unisex names, but I just never would. And I love unisex names on boys, so it's frustrating and a bit sad to keep hearing Charlie, Avery, Spencer, Bailey, Harper, etc. on girls, when I think they're so handsome on boys.
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