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  • Harold, nn Hal with Kurt

    3 23.08%
  • Harold, nn Hal with Tomberlin, nn Tom

    1 7.69%
  • Harold, nn Hal with Gilbert, nn Gib

    2 15.38%
  • Harold, nn Hal with Franklin, nn Frank

    7 53.85%
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    Which two go the best together?

    Hi All-
    Hubby and I are ttc and I need some help with our boy name options. (What a surprise, as I also needed help with the girl's name.) Anyway, our last name is German and 2 syllables and sounds very harsh/hard. We have a son whose name is Harold, nn Hal. Which name goes the best as a sibling set? Thanks so much. Feedback is also appreciated and considered.

    Also wanted to add, we have male names Carey and John we would consider if they could be used creatively. Worried about Carey because of our other son, Harold, nn Hal. Worried about the Harry Carey association. Also, "John" is over used on both sides of our families, so it would have to be a different version.
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    I like Harold with Franklin (Frank)!
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    Harold goes well with Gilbert and Franklin because they all share a vintage flair. He may be ok with a brother named Curtis but I don't like the name with just Kurt. Tomberlin looks like a name and place smooshed together (Tom and Berlin). I would only use it in the middle spot.
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    Thanks for voting. Mischa- thanks for responding with feed back. I'm going to close the poll, because the more I look at our options, the more I'm unsatisfied. I will post a different poll later, hopefully with more refined choices.

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