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Thread: Am I crazy?

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    Cullen~ I would assume you were a big Twilight fan. Plus I don't like it much.

    Cosette-Les Mis absolutely

    Caspar the friendly ghost try Gaspar or Jasper

    The other names I don't have as many associations with. Good Luck!

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    Troy - Nope, it's been used for a lot of things. I would first and foremost think of it as a normal name, but if you specifically asked for connotations, I would think of the Trojan War.
    Toby - I personally might have Toby Ziegler spring to mind, but it would be because I am a huge West Wing fan. Toby's a common enough name to not have any one particular connection.
    Ryder - I would think of either Kate Hudson's son or Ryder from Glee. But I haven't seen Tangled. I'm sure a lot of kids would think of that character, but they'd probably think it was cool.
    Sawyer - Tom Sawyer is definitely the inspiration for this name and pretty much the only connotation for it. Twain took the name from a term sailors on the Mississippi River used for hidden logs that would sink ships. But Tom Sawyer is a great connection for a little boy! It's a literary classic and Sawyer is becoming a popular name.
    Casper - The ghost is the only thing I would think of and I would think you were crazy for using it. Sorry!
    Adam - No not at all.
    Caspian - Yes, but I know it's a name outside that as well. But I would assume you were a Narnia fan.
    Everett - …It's not Everest, it's Everett. So no.
    Cullen - Twilight fan. Period.
    Hudson - The river is pretty much my only connection to this name, but I think it's usable.
    Atticus - Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) Yes, it's pretty much married to that character.
    Carter - Nah. It's a legitimate first name.

    Charlotte - Oh wow, I didn't even know that. I would think of Charlotte's Web in popular culture first, but really, it's such a familiar name that it has no particular connection in particular.
    Scarlett - Gone With the Wind is the first connection I think most people would make, or else Scarlett Johannson. But this name is rising in popularity as well, so people might think you just picked a pretty name.
    Cosette - Yup, Les Mis is the only connection for this and I would assume you made it because of that.
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    Troy - Troy Bolton (High School Musical) - nope
    Toby - Toby Ziegler (West Wing) - never seen the west wing
    Ryder - Flynn Ryder (Tangled) - seen the movie but i wouldn't think of the link
    Sawyer - Tom Sawyer (by Mark Twain) - nah
    Casper - the ghost - yup
    Adam - the Addams family - nope
    Caspian - Prince Caspian (a Chronicles of Narnia movie) - YES
    Everett - Mt. Everest - nope
    Cullen - Twilight - yes
    Hudson - the Hudson river - yes
    Atticus - Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) - yes
    Carter - US president Jimmy Carter - no (but i'm not american

    Charlotte - "The Charlotte" (a boat in National Treasure) - nope only link would be charlotte's web
    Scarlett - Gone with the wind, the Scarlett Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne) - no
    Cosette - Les Miserables - yes

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    Names That Would Remind Me Of Something But Wouldn't Be A Big Deal
    Troy - Honestly, I think of the city of Troy first, and I don't think that's a big deal. The name isn't my style, but if you like it, then go for it.
    Sawyer - Tom Sawyer and I also think of lawyers. But I don't think it's a big deal. It's a nice name.
    Everett - Mt. Everest isn't a bad association. Besides, it is slightly different.
    Hudson - There's nothing wrong with place names, dear.
    Carter - Jimmy Carter is a link, but I think it's fine. Kennedy's a popular name. So is Reagan.
    Scarlett - I do think of Gone With the Wind. But that's fine. Literary ties are usually fine. It's not uncommon.

    Names That Would Remind Me Of Something And Would Matter
    Ryder - I do think of Flynn Ryder, and that just makes the kid seem forever Disney in my mind.
    Casper - Friendly ghost. Whenever there's an empty seat, we always say it's Casper's seat. So that might not be fun for him haha.
    Caspian - It just seems too fairy-tale-y to me.
    Cullen - Twilight is not something I would want to be related to...
    Atticus - I love the literary ties and I think Atticus Finch is an awesome kick-butt character, but I just think this name is tacky. It's completely uncommon (or at least it is where i live) so it would just seem kind of pretentious.
    Cosette - Same as Atticus.

    Names That Don't Remind Me of Anything
    Toby - It's more of a name for a dog in my mind, but it doesn't necessarily seem unfitting on a kid.
    Adam - It's a fine name.
    Charlotte - Haha it's an absolutely lovely name and I love the nickname Lottie.

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    My dad's name is Ernie...
    He knows a guy name Bert, too.
    I'm torn between saying it reminds me of Sesame Street or Its a Wonderful Life.

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