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    This or that...similarities in my list.

    I'm starting to see that I like certain sounds best. Obviously I couldn't one day have an Eleanor and a Nora, or a Frederick and an Edwin! So, which are my keepers? Bonus points for new name suggestions, or for sibling names.

    Nora or Eleanor
    Flora or Nora or Vera
    Cordelia or Cecelia
    Jane or June
    Daphne or Phoebe

    Rowan (girl) or Rowan (boy)

    Edwin or Frederick
    Edwin or Winston

    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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    Eleanor vs. Nora: My personal preference would be Nora with something longer, more traditional in the middle (Josephine, Madeleine, etc.). Eleanor is still kind of stuffy old lady to me. However if you're looking to trim down your list and can't let Eleanor go, why not keep Eleanor nn Nora?

    Flora/Nora/Vera: I say pile 'em on and add Cora into the mix too. I think these are all very different names, even if they rhyme. Vera feels the freshest and is my favorite of the three at the moment.

    Cordelia vs. Cecilia: again, very different feel to me, but I see what you mean. I prefer Cordelia, because Cecilia has a bit too much SsssssssSs sound for me. Cordelia sounds spunkier to me too.

    Jane vs. June: I think should both be kept as middle name options, whichever one works better with the first name. June is pretty and on trend, but Jane is classic. I also love Kate in the middle (e.g. Isobel Kate)

    Daphne vs. Phoebe: Neither is my style, but I see Daphne as girlier and Phoebe as more mature.

    Rowan... what about Ronan / Owen / Rohan for a boy? Elowen for a girl?

    Edwin vs. Frederick, Edwin vs. Winston: I'm loving Edwin! Frederick is handsome too; Winston just reminds me of the cigarettes....
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    Nora or Eleanor - Nora
    Flora or Nora or Vera - Flora
    Cordelia or Cecelia - Cordelia, but like more Cecily
    Jane or June - June
    Daphne or Phoebe - Daphne

    Rowan (girl) or Rowan (boy) - girl

    Edwin or Frederick - Edwin
    Edwin or Winston - Edwin
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Nora or Eleanor - Personally, I prefer Nora, I just think it is so much more bright and fresh and lovely. For some reason I just read Eleanor in a really strange voice, so it has subconciously been negatively affected for me, but then again, Eleanor comes with a multitude of nn posibilities: Elle, Ellie, Lea and of course, Nora.

    Flora or Nora or Vera - I agree with emsky, and say why not add Cora? At which point I would say stick with Cora. However, if you want Eleanor or Nora, I don't really think you can have Flora cause it has too similar a sound to Eleanor, though out of Flora, Nora and Vera, it is my favourite. Vera is such an old lady name to me, I just can't imagine a young Vera.

    Cordelia or Cecelia - I love them both, I see Cordelia as being much more fierce and Cecelia as more sweet. I would have to pick Cecelia though, it's just so lovely and is such a happy spring-like name.

    Jane or June - June, I think it is lovely, though I prefer Juno.

    Daphne or Phoebe - Phoebe, I just personally like it better, I'm not completely sure why.

    Rowan (girl) or Rowan (boy) - Girl. Definitely girl. Rowan happens to be my name and I'm essentially on a one woman mission to try and convince people that Rowan is a girls name, it ends in -an, that's a feminine sounding ending if you ask me. (I'm very overly passionate on this subject.)

    Edwin or Frederick - I like Frederick better, I like both names but I feel you can get more from Frederick: Fred, Freddie, Eddie, Ed, Red.

    Edwin or Winston - Personally, I prefer Winston, I just like how it sounds better. But I can definitely see the appeal of Edwin, both have Wynn as a nn, which I love.

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    Rowan (boy)


    I do think Frederick & Edwin can be used together. It took me a minute to figure out why you think they're similar.
    I would LOVE to see Flora, June & Iris together for girls.
    For boys, with Edwin & Frederick, I like: Tristan, Oliver, Graham, Samson, Vincent.
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