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    Need advice on girl name!!

    So, my husband and I are expecting our first child in October. We found out it was a girl last week and were pretty quick to settle on a name. This is shocking because since we have been married (four years), we have "name-battled" over our future children's names. We both loved the name immediately, started calling our babe the name UNTIL my husband made the connection between the loved name and a certain medical term... Her name was to be: EDIE. We now do not know if we can use it because he thinks it sounds like the issue older males have with their "you know whats", E.D.

    Am I crazy to continue to like this name?!? My hubs said he still somewhat likes the name but is worried people will make the same connection he has... advice please and thank you.

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    Edie isn't connected to E.D. to me at all, but it's far too nicknamey and cutesy for a first name imo.

    Why not something like Edeline nn Edie?
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    Never would have put that one together. I love Edie! Go for it.

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