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    I love Xavier North, as suggested by pp's. Xavier would go so nicely with your girls' list!
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    Congrats on the baby! Boys are a lot of fun...

    Names we both like:
    Bruno- This has always made me think of a dog.
    Griffin- Too trendy, and it might not go with your surname.
    Xavier- A bit trendy, but striking and manly.
    Ronan- I've just never been a fan. I think Ronan makes me picture a man wearing animal skins and quite barbaric... but I have no clue as to why.
    Ezekiel- I like Ezekiel, but dislike the nn Zeke.
    Abram- Love... love the nns Abe and Bram. This one is an underused gem.
    Wyatt- "Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys." Sounds like he should become a gunslinger...
    Archer- I'm actually a fan, and I love the nn Archie.
    North- I love this for a kid or a young adult, but not for an obese, bald accountant... I don't think it would be flexible enough to really be wearable.
    River- Ditto. Great for a kid or a strikingly handsome man, but not for a unattractive guy.
    Tobias- Not with your surname.
    Lionel- Too Lionel Richie... which isn't necessarily bad, but takes me back to 80s music videos.

    Possible middles (besides the list above):
    Noble- Very cool as a mn, assuming the 1st name doesn't end with an N or an L.
    Halcyon- Love this as a mn, assuming the 1st name doesn't end with an H or an N.
    Oak- Could be a very sturdy, strong mn...
    Patrick- Quite plain when compared to the other mns.
    Stephen- Ditto.
    Thomas- Not with your surname.
    Nicholas- Not with your surname.
    Daniel- Also quite plain.
    Michael- Ditto.

    aaand even though it probably doesn't help anything...

    Names I love that he vetoed:
    Reuben- Love, love, love, love, love... esp. with the nns Roo and Ben.
    Quentin- Another love of mine.
    Rocco- No, it reminds me of "Rocco's Modern Life".
    Winston- It's ok.
    Tobin- Not a fan.
    Haldan- Ditto.
    Samson- This one is quite cool... it's familiar, but unique.
    Wade- Makes me think of an overweight, awkward kid with acne.
    Malcolm- Such an undiscovered gem! I love the nns Mac and Colm. I feel like this name would really shine in the "unique, but not weird" category.
    Lachlan- A very cool name, but I can see it becoming quite popular in the future.
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    A big THANK YOU to everyone that has commented already! This forum is a great way to get my quiet fiancé to share his feelings on our name list. I think when I make suggestions he is sometimes worried about giving his honest opinion because he doesn't want to upset me but he has been more open since I have been reading all of your comments to him . I am hoping I can find 3 or 4 name combos that we BOTH really love & agree on. There have been so many good ones I haven't thought of before! I can't thank you all enough for your insight. More opinions and combos are much appreciated!!

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    Nobody else?

    Thanks again to everyone who gave their thoughts. I'll be reviewing all of the suggestions and trying to sort my thoughts. I am definately getting more excited to name a boy! Thanks for all the encouragement, Berries

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