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    You have a lot of great choices on your list! Since baby's last name has 2 syllables, a fn with 3 or more syllables coupled with a mn with 1 syllable would give optimal flow imo. For example:
    Xavier North Gawris
    Ezekiel Oak Gawris
    Tobias North Gawris
    Lionel Oak Gawris
    My favourite names from your list are first Tobias then Ezekiel, Xavier & Lionel. Here are some other suggestions:
    Ezekiel Tate Gawris
    Tobias James Gawris
    Xavier Charles Gawris
    Lionel Graeme Gawris (unless you don't like aliterations)
    Tobias Kent Gawris
    Tobias Knox Gawris
    Lionel John Gawris
    Xavier Neil Gawris
    Ezekiel Nash Gawris
    Lionel Seth Gawris
    Baby boys are great! There can never be too many.
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    I like Ronan, North, Abram, and Tobias. I love North, but it's a little bit hard to use as a first name unless you're really out there. If you'd like an alternative for North you might consider Njord.
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    I love Ronan! Out of your list, I love:

    Ronan Michael
    Abram Lionel
    Tobias Patrick - I love the nickname Toby for Tobias.
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    The only advice I can give is to keep in mind the whimsy-ness of a daugter. A friend of mine wanted a daughter so dearly but was blessed with a son named John. She wanted to name her daughter Antigone. Just something to keep in mind.

    Names we both like:
    Abram/Ezekiel/Tobias: give a really religious feel that your girls names don't. I prefer Abraham & Ezra. Tobias is nms. It feels weak to me.
    Archer: a bit trendy, rather whimsical depending on the middle
    Bruno: reminds me of Bruno Mars and the perverted Bruno movie
    Griffin: NMS. whimsical though
    Lionel: strong though I prefer Leopold or Leontine.
    Ronan: strong. may be a little trendier now. Feels rather whimsical.
    North/River: Natury. I really live River for a first. Rivers are strong and changing. I think North is better suited for a middle.
    Xavier: strong and solid. My friend has this name. As a child I called him "X-man". There are two different to pronounce it: Zay-vee-r and X-ay-veer.
    Wyatt: reminds of Watt. nms.

    I really like:

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    Ellie, a boy! How exciting! Like Emma said, there are lots of funsies with boys too, like the mentioned bowties. And suspenders, and hair that's just a little bit too long. Hats and waistcoats. And boys can have whimsical and fun names too!

    The List!
    Bruno - I am overjoyed to see this on your list. Bruno rocks!
    Griffin - I'm not a fan of this, but it does have some whimsy.
    Xavier - love Xavier. Strong, sexy, fun.
    Ronan - this is probably a Brit thing, but it's too associated with mr Keating for me to like it.
    Ezekiel - I do kind of like it... but not very much.
    Abram - so serious. This is heavy and with a full beard kind of name. And not in a good way.
    Wyatt - I've got a Charmed addiction, so I associate Wyatt with mr whitelighter and Piper's baby. Which means it's so cool!
    Archer - yup, I do like me some archers. Great, whimsical and sexy.
    North - please please put this in the middle. I love Emma's Xavier North suggestion.
    River - cute and hippie-ish. Like it very much.
    Tobias - this is heavy and bearded in a sexy brooding way. Interesting name.
    Lionel - sweet and charming. When I hear Lionel I always imagine little blonde boys in yellow wellies jumping in muddle puddles.

    From your middle list I only like Halcyon and Oak.

    Suggestions (of the whimsical kind):
    Elder (so sexy and the tree is beautiful)
    Leverett (baby hare!)
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