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    My favs from your list:

    Tobias *****Love it.

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    Xavier Noble "Gaw-ris" is my fav from your list. Abram Daniel "Gaw-ris" is my second fav.

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    I have been going over your suggestions with my fiancé and having unbiast outside input is *priceless*. Anyone else want to chime in? I'm really loving the chance to hear what you all think works for me. Thanks to everyone who has already commented!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellieberry View Post
    I feel like girl names leave so much more room for whimsy and originality. I have to say goodbye to Rosemary, Penelope, Gemma, Maple, Phoebe, Marigold, Bethany, Daphne, Clover, Miriam, and Lilac. *deep sigh*
    Congratulations Ellie! You know, the thing about girl names is that it's more expected for a girl name to be full of whimsy and originality. It's less surprising to meet a child named Eloise Magnolia than it is to meet a boy with a whimsical, original name. I get more of a thrill when I meet a beautifully-named boy than when I meet a little Miniver Clove (or some-such whimsical granny-chic confection.)

    Lionel Winston
    Lionel Quentin
    Xavier North (makes me think of maps, "X marks the spot")
    Ezekiel Samson
    Tobias Oak (Isn't Toby the dearest nickname ever?)

    Boys are fun. Little bowties. Corduroy overalls. Mudpies.

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    javad Guest
    Bruno- It certainly is unexpected. But I don't really like it. Sounds like the name of a big, scary bouncer.
    Griffin- I understand the appeal to this name, but I don't like it much. I do like the NN Finn though, and think a lot of the other Finn related names are pretty great.
    Xavier- I like this name a lot. I think it'd be a great choice.
    Ronan- I like this name. I like it a little less than when I first heard it, but I still do like it quite a lot.
    Ezekiel- I'm not such a fan of this name (and it feels too in-your-face Biblical for me. I like the more subtle Biblical names better (like say Levi/Asher/Eli))
    Abram- I don't like this one much either. Feels too much like a chopped-off Abraham.
    Wyatt- I'm mediocre about it. It feels very Wyatt Earp to me.
    Archer- I'm really coming around to this name. I used to be mediocre about it, but now I really like it. However, I don't like the NN Archie (Arch would be cool though).
    North- I think this would work better in the MN spot.
    River- I like it, but not a lot. No real strong feelings about it.
    Tobias- I've never liked this name much. I like Elias/Amias/Osias/etc quite a lot, just never much liked Tobias or the NN Toby.
    Lionel- This is my favorite of the bunch (by far). I love this name. If it didn't go so badly with my last name, I'd be a strong consideration for us. Great name.

    So my favorites: Lionel(!), Archer, Xavier, Ronan

    With all of these names, in combo with your 2-syllable last name, I think either a strong but short one syllable MN would go best (like maybe North or Oak), or perhaps a longer many-syllable MN (like Nicholas)

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