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    I'm glad the conclusion to your name dilemma is in sight Ottilie =) I aim to get down to a final 3 this week and go from there. I feel awful that it came to this but need to stop torturing myself and resolve it Good luck Ottilie xx

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    Penelope & Ottilie- thanks for sharing your stories! It's really interesting both your reasonings are about being true to yourself. It's definitely something for me to keep in mind for the future. I'm sure you'll both find *the* names
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    I am struggling with name regret right now. My 5 month old daughter Fiona. I am wishing from day one that we didn't name her this. I came very close to changing but just couldn't get past what people would I decided to keep her name. I still think Fiona is a beautiful name but I just feel it's not right. I've posted multiple times about this and am now working on finding a cute nickname. Best of luck if you're dealing with's not easy and it seems not everyone will understand. I honestly never understood it until I experienced it myself as I was completely in love w/ my first daughter's name and never waivered from that love to this day!
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    Hi, I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this post. I am going through the same, my lo is 10months and I cannot shake the doubt I have over his name and it's on my mind almost all the time. I'm so scared I'm going to feel like this forever! Ive always liked the name and was on our list for ds1, but for some reason I just feel we maybe could have chosen something better for him and I'm constantly going through names in my head wondering if they would suit him better. I shouldn't even be thinking about other names now!! My DH was dead against changing it when I spoke to him so I just have to find a way to make peace with the name but I'm finding it hard. It's come as a surprise because I never doubted DS1 name for a single second and still love it to this day. It's comforting to know in not alone in this though, sometimes I feel like I'm mad! X

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