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    I felt it with our son Caleb's middle name. I wish we had gone with Stephen, after my husband, instead of going way back in his family tree to pick a random name. I think we were just pressured. I would like to change it and I'm not too worried about it being extremely confusing because its only a middle name.
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    We have Contemplated changing my 3 year olds middle name. My Mom passed away when. I was pregnant and her name was Helen. I don't know why but for some reason I decided Helene was a better fit for my daughters middle name. About a year ago I started hating the flow and just using Helen as her middle name although still spelling it with an E at the end. She is special needs and due to medical records and disability info, it would be a mess to legally drop the E and chase down everything that needs changing. So as she gets older, if she decides she wants to drop the E then we will. Until then, its just an extra letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by penelope83 View Post
    Ottilie, are you changing it completely or just a middle?
    The whole thing we think, might keep the middle if it feels right... But I don't want it to influence my first name choices, so only if it fits in nicely. How's your baby doing? The blue thing sounds so scary! I understand names were not the most important thing on your mind.
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    I thought about changing it with my 2nd daughter, but it was a battle I was not willing to fight at the time and I was convinced to keep it the way it was. I'm very, very glad I did. As it turns out, my daughter loves her name. She's very into it and likes to tell me how beautiful it is.

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    @ Ottilie She is doing great ta = ) healthy and happy.
    It's weird, I knew I didn't want the name but it became so irrelevant- such a scary experience and at the time I almost felt guilty about wanting to change her name , like it was my fault she stopped breathing- irrational I know. It was only when the fog of anxiety lifted that I realised that I couldn't live with the name. to be fair though, it should never have come to that- I should have spoken up sooner and I am seeking help around these issues. Are you finding the whole 'new name' process difficult? How do you feel about it all? x
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