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    I'm sorry that this has been adifficult time for you.
    I asked the question because a close friend is going thru this now.
    She had a very similar situation, where her baby came too early, and they just weren't prepared to name their daughter. They felt the pressure to do so, and now are going thru the process of changing it at 6 months later.
    The battle they are having, is finding a name that they love, but that isn't to different from the one she has now... they are trying to reduce the amount explanation to friends and family.
    Good luck with changing you babies name, know your not alone, and like I've said to my friend, your the mother and it's your right and duty to do whatever you feel is needed to make sure your baby has the best life possible... Even tho it is only a name, you don't want/need a permanent reminder of the stress and uncertain times in the beginning, for the rest if their lives. Find a name that makes you happy, and the rest will fall in place.

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    We never changed her name once she was born. - All through the birth we was calling her Emily but then her dad changed it to Amy-Louise.

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    Yes, we are changing Baba's name. I've been feeling queasy about it for a while now and right now we're narrowing in on a new name. It's not because I don't love her name, because I do, it's a beautiful romantic name chosen with love and care, but it doesn't fit. I thought I did, but not anymore. Boyfriend feels the same way, which surprised me, but then calmed me down as that probably means I'm not going insane. It's tough though, there wasn't another in mind that I wish I'd rather chosen, she needs something completely different. And this time it's it, I can't do it again. My family and friends are all very supportive though, which is wonderful. I also talked to Roo's pediatrician about it, and she said babies don't recognise their name until they're five months so now's the time to do it.
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    My parents named my youngest brother Trace, but a little while later, they changed it to Elijah, and made Trace a 2nd middle name.
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    Ottilie, are you changing it completely or just a middle? I know what you mean about the name not fitting - I actually like the name my little one has (obv as it was on our final list) but it's not her at all . I hope you find a resolution .
    and Meathibs, I am glad you are so supportive of your friend, people can be so judgemental. I hope she finds a satisfactory conclusion also.
    We have been seeing counsellor , hoping that would help - but I still want to change her name , and until I do so, I feel very 'queasy' about the whole thing as you put it Ottilie .

    Good luck x

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