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    Anyone ever change thier mind, or change your babies name after you got home?

    Just curious to hear if anyone has ever felt they made the wrong decision regarding their name choice, and ended up changing the babies name?
    Do you know anyone who has done this?
    What are your thoughts here?

    Sorry for misspellings... on my phone

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    I have felt it twice... but each time I chose to let it go, and trust the name I had chosen. Each time I have been glad I stuck with the names I had given them. I have a cousin who chose a name for her son.. and at three months of age, chose to change his name. No one ever said much about it, and she told me she was so happy she made the change...
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    My youngest is Arden Mae (born 3/12). It wasn't our first choice, but we liked it (tough delivery and she was born blue - scary first five minutes and following 4 weeks - so we couldn't name her Mae Mazarine, which is a shade of blue, and which we had planned to name her). She was given lots of pet names by her siblings, "Birdie" being the most common because of how she opened her mouth when she was hungry and the little cry she made. So when other people started calling her "Ardie" and I realized it was a losing battle to stop that, we started introducing her as Birdie Mae. We haven't officially changed it, but it is sweet and vintage and southern and we love it. I think she does too because she calls herself BaMa! She can go back to Arden if she wants to, but she will never be an "Ardie!"
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    A good friend of mine named her daughter Olive, but mostly calls her by an unrelated nickname. I think her family made her regret the name choice by criticizing it so much! She considered legally changing it, but didn't bother.

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    In the process of changing baby's name now. Baby stopped breathing day 2 after being born. We were shattered after days of labour and hadn't discussed her name properly due to last minute pregnancy complications. My partner promised in the delivery suite when being induced that we would not rush into naming her. However, when she was born (after a birth where her heart rate dropped and almost led to emergency c section) he called her by a particular name. I did not correct him, not wanting to ruin the moment , thinking I would have time to argue about the name later. SO went straight home to shower etc , leaving me and bub alone. A few hours later, family descends upon the hospital calling the baby by said name. I was basically shocked into submission and the next day at home, I was about to have convo with him about the fact that I didn't want 'that' name when bub went blue and floppy. Back into hospital we went and in a medical situation it 'became' her name as our concerns were for her life not her name. it was only a couple of months later after the trauma had passed that the realisation set in, partner was angry and wouldn't let me change it, thinking I was being ridiculous. However, 2 months later, he has realised what a big issue it is for me. The issue is now that since then a friend of ours has 'used' one of my main name choices and I also don't know how to tell family and friends. It is an awful, awful feeling . I only wish we had never told people our name options. I hope that i can resolve this as I fear if I don't change it now I will feel like this in years .

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