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    I second Wilder enthusiastically. And also Denver and Harbor, given your explanations. The trick really is to come up with something that fits with Maple without going too theme-y. Max works nicely thought, in a different kind of way, with Maple.

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    From your list, I really like Denver and Harbor with Maple. And I like the previous suggestion of Wilder. Wilder and Maple sound great together.

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    I quite like Bird for a boys name, it's cute and masculine at the same time
    Wren is also nice, and out of your options my fav is Harbour!
    Good luck xoxo <3

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    I like Wilder. Have you thought about Cedar?

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    I love your choice of Maple! I have never heard of it used as a name, but I think it is lovely! Of your choices, my favorite is Denver. I think I would definitely go with a word/ meaning name. Henry, Rex and Max don't seem to fit as well. And no, I don't think that Jessica Simpson has destroyed Max for the boys... I am desperately hoping that it will prove to be an abberation. I also really like the suggestion of Wilder for you.

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