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    I love Malcolm Johnson, nn Mac... It's manly and mature (it will fit both a child and an adult), but it's still unique. You'll just want to make sure that you use Leo or another 1 or 3+ syllable name for the mn, as both Malcolm and Johnson have 2 syllables. I'm not a big fan of Edwin Johnson, as both end in an N sound... for that reason, I'd also remove Finn,

    Zachary (Zach)- 80s. Zach, Zach, the Lego maniac...
    Brooks (but maybe the boy's name needs to be more "masculine" since he's a boy/girl twin?)- very country.
    Theodore (Theo)- This name is masculine, mature, and interesting.
    Charles- A nice, safe choice.
    Jasper (but is Jasper Johnson too much like Jasper Johns? )- too many J's
    Louis- I prefer the spelling Lewis, but it's nice...
    Gordon- Old man. It also reminds me of the pig.
    Frederick- Love this name, but you do have to like Fred/ Freddy...
    Vincent- too Italian mafia to me... just my issue...

    Too overused (imho): Samuel, Oscar, Leo, Max, Finn, Lucas/ Luke,

    Favs from your list: MALCOLM!!! (awesome name), Theodore, Frederick...
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    I think Malcolm Johnson is great (my favorite from your list other than Jasper, which doesn't go wonderfully with your last name). I also really like Theodore, Oscar, Lucas, Leo and Louis. Callum is another that popped in my mind that you may appreciate (I like it even more than Malcolm).
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    Thanks everyone for your comments and advice! We've talked about this a lot and I think we are deciding on Malcolm. I feel really good about it after hearing from all of you!

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    Bennett and Oscar are my favorites! I LOVE Malcolm, it would be at the top of my boys' list but I have the same rhyming problem that you do! Have you thought about Cormac? You could still have a Mac or a Mick, but it wouldn't present a problem...
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    I love your taste. I think Malcolm is a clear winner, and I love Evelyn just as much. Both sound amazing with your last name, so I wouldn't worry about that issue at all. Stop telling your family your name choices!!! lol It's hard enough trying to find something you and your husband love without everyone adding their critical (largely negative) thoughts.

    Best of luck!

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