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    Olivia - alternate pronunciations

    I have heard the name Olivia pronounced with an "A" ending sound instead of an "auh" sound.

    Is there an alternate spelling for the alternate pronunciation or is it kinda like how some people pronounce Anna "Onna" but its still spelled the same?

    I'm just a little confused is all.

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    Same spelling pronunciation would depend on regional dialect I guess. But I imagine both pronunciations are pretty interchangeable.

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    I was too when I heard Alyvvia is alternative spelling for Olivia. I pn Olivia Auleeveeuh.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Thanks it's nice to know I'm not crazy

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    Not to sound silly, but was the child a boy? Olivier would be pronounced rather like "oh-lih-vee-ay," like Olivia with an "ay" at the end. I've never heard Olivia said with an "ay" at the end, though I have hear "Oh-lee-vee-uh." That's the only alternative pronunciation I know.

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