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    On the forums, (like on this page) look right above where the page numbers are. It'll say "settings", click that and then on the left side, you can edit your signature.

    Anyway, I like Jethro. We were thinking about Jericho for a while, and threw it out because I kept saying Jethro instead of Jericho (another option!?)

    It is a very bold name choice, so you'd need to be completely sure about it. Some people won't get it.

    Simon is a great choice too and it might fit with Levi and Eva a bit better. Simon Jethro is cute, but I definitely think you should honor your brother.. Are you open to 2 middle names? Simon Jethro Steven? Not the best flow but it works.

    Overall, yes, my vote is for Jethro Steven. (Sorry for rambling!) GL!

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    I am wondering if the name Jethro could pose some problems when he's older. It's the type of name that invites stereotyping, and maybe not in such a great way. I can see it being very cute on a little guy, but it has the potential of limiting him when he's older. Just a thought.
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    I love Jethro, and would love to see it used more often. I think of Jethro Tull before I think of the TV associations (I actually didn't know about those until reading this thread). I think it goes really well with Levi and Eva (which are gorgeous names, BTW).
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    i think Jethro is a great name, obscure and biblical!
    i have no associations to any TV shows or movies, the only pop references that come to mind are the band Jethro Tull, and the fact that Nick Cave's firstborn is named Jethro (he is now a model in Brazil, i believe).

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