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    Lots of good ideas I particularly like Rhys Dafydd John, Caleb Stephen Rhys (I think the order flows better like this, but the other way is ok, too), Caleb Robert Leon, Spencer Freddie, and Thomas Dafydd. If it matters, I find Hadley very feminine, Corey and Shawn a bit dated, and Huw's Welsh spelling a bit awkward-looking. But if you both like them, hurrah!

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    javad Guest
    My favs:
    Rhys Dafydd John
    Lucas Dafydd John
    Rhys Thomas
    Kieran Thomas
    Caleb Rhys Stephen
    Hayden Beau (I like Hayden the best of all the Aiden related names, mostly because it's the last name of one of my favorite poets-- Robert Hayden. Though I'd actually never consider using it, as it seems to get lost in the ever-growing sea of Aiden sounding names)

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    karacavazos Guest
    You have some odd spellings, not sure if they're based on a different origin or not, but I don't like them. If Dafydd was David, and Huw was Hugh, I'd like more of these. The only ones I like are:

    Rhys Thomas
    Kieran Thomas
    Corey John or Corey Edward
    Caleb Aaron

    If you go with David or Hugh instead, I also like:

    Hugh Bradley
    Lucas David John

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