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    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Daphne -- Love this! Daphne is cute and sweet and flows well with the siblings.
    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Violet -- Number 2 pick due to flow, but you are right about the popularity here.
    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Bridget -- I'm not sure about this with the flow of siblings, but it is a cute name.
    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Scarlett -- I like this, but it doesn't wow me.
    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Dorothy -- It is a wee bit old lady with the rest, but Dorothy is nice.
    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Ruby -- I absolutely love Ruby, but think Phoebe and Ruby are too close
    Caedmon, Kathryn, Phoebe, and Esther -- I want to like the name Esther, but it is a bith harsh to me, especially with the other names in your group.

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    I like Violet and Daphne best!

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    I think Daphne Marie is prettiest (and I don't even usually like that name!), but maybe too close to Phoebe? The names definitely remind me of each other. But maybe that's not a bad thing?

    I think Bridget Marie, Dorothy Marie, and Esther Marie all work too. Better than Ruby Marie imo, but Ruby is very cute.

    Bridget or Daphne probably fits best with sibs.
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    I like Bridget Marie and Daphne Marie the best from your list.

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    Thank you all so much!

    First you reminded me that I was the one who like Daphne Marie together in the first place. It just seems like such a soft sweet name to me. This baby is rather quiet inside me compared to my other two girls. So when I think of her I am picturing a quiet sweet girl and that name fits.

    I had gotten so caught up in the fact that it was DH's favorite that I lost sight of that.

    I think it is once again my fore runner. Followed closely by Bridget. Although, if we used Bridget we would spell it either Brigid instead.

    I have given up on my beloved Ruby. It just won't work for us. For some reason until someone pointed it out I hadn't considered how much it sounds like Phoebe. Trying to yell the two together tied my mouth all in knots. Since Phoebe will be close in age to this child I foresee them getting in trouble together a lot... so having to call out both names together will be happening in my future.

    I told DH that I'm going to mentally commit to Daphne being her name and spend a few weeks calling her that just to make sure. I don't think we will be telling family her name until she gets here. So I have time still.
    As a compromise DH is looking back over my list of names to make sure there aren't any he could live with.

    We have such different naming styles. That is why our list of names seems so odd and really our children's names are sort of mis matched. Caedmon was his pick, Silas was mine. Kathryn was mine, Fianna was him and then Phoebe was him and Elizabeth was me.
    I like old uncommon names and he just likes things that sound good. My suggestions for this baby were names like Dorothy, Beatrix, Imogene, Mabel, Violet, Margot and Matilda. His... Scarlet, Ginger, Ruby, Farrah, Sasha, Sylvia and Autumn.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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