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    Still trying to name our 4th baby... due in 9 weeks

    Ok... I've posted on here a while back and we still aren't any closer to a name.

    I just haven't fallen in love with anything and the few I'm close to loving DH hates. I refuse to use a name he doesn't like and I haven't been able to make him see the light on any that he didn't. So we are stuck with this list of names that we both kind of like. Do y'all see any of these as a real possibility?

    Our other kids are Caedmon Silas (13), Kathryn Fianna (12) and Phoebe Elizabeth (20mths). Is it pointless for me to try and find a name that matches well with the other kids since Caedmon is a little different from Kathryn and Phoebe?

    Our last name is two syllables starting with R.

    Odds are this little girl with have dark hair like her big sisters. We have one girl who is fair skinned with blue eyes like her dad and one who is olive skinned with dark eyes like me. So that aspect is a toss up.

    Here is our list. We sat down last week and DH put the Top 1000 names in a excel sheet along with 50 other names that didn't make that list that I liked. After we each rated them these were the only names we were left with.

    Bridget , Daphne , Dorothy , Esther , Ruby , Scarlett , Violet

    Scarlett and Violet are edging on being too popular in our area to be used. Ruby is probably our true favorite but it has a 100 different reasons why we shouldn't use it. Daphne is the favorite of DH and both of our older kids.

    Her middle name will be Marie. That is set in stone and is a family name.

    Thoughts? Do you see anything that works that I'm not seeing? Help?!?! lol

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    I love Daphne Marie.
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    I also love Daphne.. however, I think it may be too close to sister Phoebe.

    Scarlett Marie gets my vote. I don't think Scarlett is too popular yet (but maybe in your area).

    I love Ruby! Why can't you use it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzyq View Post
    I also love Daphne.. however, I think it may be too close to sister Phoebe.

    Scarlett Marie gets my vote. I don't think Scarlett is too popular yet (but maybe in your area).

    I love Ruby! Why can't you use it?
    Sorry this got long...

    Ruby... *sigh*
    When we first had kids we said we would never use a name that starts with R both because our last name starts with R and because DH had problems saying R's as a child. He still does at times if he isn't careful. So that is something that bugs him.
    My other rule was that we couldn't use a name that had a well known song tied to it. My name is Mandy (Amanda) and growing up as a Mandy was torture for a shy kid. Every time my parents would run into someone and say "This is our daughter Mandy" I would get sang at. Heck I'm 32 now and it still happens regularly. Of the few people IRL that I've mentioned Ruby to all of them have sang a song. There is "Ruby Tuesday", "Ruby don't you take your love to town." and then the Max and Ruby theme song.
    And... lastly our 20mth old will say Ruby but it doesn't sound like Ruby it comes out as Booby. Now she will outgrow that but I'm afraid I run the risk of the 13 and 12 yr olds picking that up and continuing to call a Ruby by Booby at times.

    Despite all of that it's still on the list and it's me who refuses to take it off.

    I know 4 little girls in our small circle of family and friends named Scarlett. All of them are going by nicknames at this point, but still their first names are all Scarlett. So it gives me pause, but I think it is a name that both works well with our other kids names and would fit what this little girl will more then likely look like. I really wanted to use Vivien as a nod to Vivien Leigh from Gone with the Wind... but Dh hates it. He claims that whenever he sees the name he thinks it says Vixen and we can't use that for our daughter. I have been a huge Gone with the Wind fan since I was a little girl, but I don't know if maybe that is a reason NOT to use Scarlett more then a reason to use it. DH was the one who put it on the list.

    Daphne with Phoebe doesn't bother me too much. It's Daphne with Caedmon and Kathryn that worries me. That and for some reason the name makes me think of the 1970s. Dh thinks it's because of the Scooby Doo character even though I've never really watched Scooby Doo.

    Truth is I'm probably overthinking this.

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    If Phoebe and Daphne are too close I like Bridget Marie, but I really like Daphne Marie as well
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