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    New Babies

    Some friends have recently welcomed sweet little babies into their families (I'm in Australia):

    Yolande Theresa
    Archer Corey Tobias (brother Leopold Bryan Robert "Leo")- who's a sweet little 1.5 week-old parcel that I was lucky enough to cuddle today
    Mille Daisy (brothers Jack and Kai)
    Rumi Jade (boy, cousins Ruby Ariella, Orrick and Aurora)
    Orrin (boy, sister Amarana)
    Elena Faith (sister Alexis Hope)
    Senan Cohen (brother Cael Quinn)
    Theodore Colin "Theo"
    Nathaniel John Robert "Nate"
    Sienna Grace
    Tiarni Joy Rose (brothers Kody and Damon)
    Griffin (brother Oliver "Ollie")
    Hailee Amabelle (siblings Paige Isabelle, Khye Anthony and Korbin James)
    Neve (sisters Isabel and Pearl)
    Misha (cousins Chloe, Amelia "Millie", Stella, Ruby April, Audra May, Eva June, Ebony, Bailey, Devon, Asher Tex, Joseph "Joe" and Albie)
    Charlotte Jaye "Charlie"
    Hazel Clementine (siblings Daisy, Jesse, Louis, Jasper and Digby)
    Julian (brother Luca)
    Haylee Kate (sister Kiara)

    Sorry if I've posted any of these before!

    What are the names of some new babies you know?
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