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    Avalon, Aveline, Avangeline, and so on... Help!

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, and I'm hopeing you all can help me out with a dilemma I'm having involving the name of my future daughter...
    Ava is a family name on both mine, and my husbands side, and definitely a name we want to honor.
    The big BUT we are having, is that the popularity really is a turn off for us.
    We know that we want Ava to be a nick-name, and both grandmothers have made it clear that she will be an Ava to them, but my husband and I really want a name that won't be one of five in a classroom.
    Here is what we've come up with, and we really like them all, so your opinions will really weigh heavy in our decision...

    Aveline/Avaline- what are your preferable pronunciations?... also Avaleen is cute too.

    And, being irish myself, Aoife is a favorite I'm also considering... I also don't mind a double first name, so suggestions are definitely welcome for that!

    Thanks for your help! Please opinionize and suggest away!

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