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    middle name regret

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    I like Margot Beatrice. I don't sound try-hard to me. To me, it's lovely name any girl should have and could wear. Don't worry about nn, if it really bugs you. talk about your husband. But it's nice nn, don't spoil the joy.
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    I think it's a great name.
    Elizabeth is way more popular than Beatrice will ever be.
    And it's the middle name. I would talk to your husband about easing up on the mean nn. No one uses both their names in school so I don't think she'll have that issue later.
    I think you may just be second guessing yourself and feeling a little overwhelmed now that she's here. But I think in time you'll learn to love it and see that it fits her just fine. You can always use Elizabeth on a future daughter if you want.
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    I agree with the pp.. Elizabeth is far more common, plus you still have a lovely middle name for a future daughter.

    If you really don't feel like Beatrice is really her middle name, no matter how lovely it is (Margot Beatrice is beautiful!), go ahead and change it! I have a friend who changed the name of her son after a couple weeks because she didn't feel like he was the name the originally gave him, and the new name did fit him better
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    I love Margot Beatrice! Margot Elizabeth is beautiful too.

    Just remind yourselves of the history of the name and the literary connections. I think Margot Beatrix would seem more hispter trendy just because of the x(although I love that too!). I dont think that many Americans are even aware of the comeback Beatrice has made or is making; when I mention it to people they still say "that old name?" like I'm crazy.
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