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  • Beatrix Lila

    25 36.23%
  • Margaret Lila

    14 20.29%
  • Penelope Lila

    10 14.49%
  • Vivian / Vivienne Lila

    20 28.99%
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    Lightbulb Please Vote and Suggest! Sister for Sebasatian, Oliver and Elliott

    Hi again, Berry friends! I am making another post and a poll... DH and I are still stuck on picking a girl's name. We have our top 2, as most of you know: Margaret and Beatrix, and her middle name will be Lila (Lie-Lah), after my late and dear to me grandmother who I want to honor. Lila is a very hard name to pair with. We prefer 3+ syllables, can't rhythm with brother's names, we don't care for Biblical references. We like classic but not too common, fun and spunky, but still normal and professional. I am hesitant to put our last name, but it will help.. hyphenated LN is Payne-Wardle.

    Names that are currently on our list:

    Margaret Lila (nn Maisie or Daisy) - we love this name, and the meaning, plus the anthropology connection to Margaret Mead (we're anthropology majors, plus I am going into reproductive anthropology, so the connection to the patron saint of childbirth and pregnant women is also a bonus). However, Margaret just seams to lack the pizzazz of her brothers, and feels boring next to Sebastian, Oliver and Elliott.

    Beatrix Lila (nn Trixie) - My current favorite, but DH isn't totally on board. I love the meaning, the spunkiness. I would love to get him to like this one more, but he may not come around.

    Still a maybe:
    Vivian/Vivienne - It may be too similar sounding with Sebastian, plus the nn Vivi is also too close to Sebastian's nn Sebby. This is the first one that we both liked, but it still lacks something for us. And we can't picture our daughter with this name.
    Penelope - not sure it works with last name, Penelope Payne-Wardle? Otherwise, we love Penelope and think it would be a perfect fit with Sebastian, Oliver, and Elliott.

    Names we have considered but crossed off our list:
    Genevieve (DH has a cousin named Geneve, he thought it was too close)
    Daisy (love this but isn't quite right with siblings and middle name)
    Eloise (we have an Elliott, too close)
    Adelaide (doesn't flow well enough with Lila)
    Naomi (we actually love this, but don't like that it's a Biblical name)

    Please help!! There HAS to be the PERFECT name out there!!
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    Voted for Beatrix Lila. I love it with your boy's names and I love the flow of it the best.
    Oh I love Geneve!! Genevieve just won't work for you though.

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    I'm going with Vivienne. I debated about Penelope for awhile but the last name kills it for me. Normally I wouldn't go for names that sound so similar - Sebastian and Vivienne, but, and this is a big but, I think Oliver and Elliot sound similar too. Both 3 syllables with a short i sound in the middle, yes they end on a different sound but they share a sound in the same spot as well. So by using Vivienne you would continue the pattern you have already established.
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    Vivienne Lila is just beautiful with her brothers' names! My second favorite for you is Margaret.

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    Im not sure about what everyone else is thinking (it may just be that I read a lot) but to me, Sebastian is from twelth night and shakespearean, Oliver reminds me of oliver twist so dickensian and Elliott (although spelt differently in the authors case and in my brothers name) makes me think of TS Eliot/ George Eliot so they strike me a literary, and Beatrix is probably the closest in that respect owing to Beatrix potter and Much Ado about nothing (but spelt Beatrice) hope this helps and i love your current family!!

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