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    My favorite suggestion has been Olive, but of your three choices I'd go with Audrey, as long as them both ending with the -ee sound doesn't bother you. It's a lovely name and, if Ava and Olivia's popularity is something you're wary of, definitely the way to go. [Although I strongly agree with ashthedreamer's earlier point that a "popular" name is not nearly as ubiquitous nowadays as it used to be, especially depending on what state/area of the country you live in.]
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    I think Sophie & Olivia sound great together.
    Olivia is so popular as it is such a gorgeous name!
    As much as it is tough to have a popular name, it is popular for a reason and Olivia is a classic even though it is trendy at the moment.

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    Audrey would be my pick. Audrey Olivia is pretty but if you do worry about ANO monogram, I think Audrey Ava is equally pretty.
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    I wouldn't do an ANO monogram because that's not such a nice word in Spanish, but that's me and I'm a weirdo for what monograms spell.

    I'd go with Audrey. I hear Olivia more than Sophia and Isabelle where I live.
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    I LOVE Olivia, but I have to say, I like Audrey best for you.
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