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    I love the suggestion of Audrey Olivia! And the ANO initials are a non-issue, in my opinion.

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    I know what you mean about the popularity of Olivia and Ava...

    I really like Audrey! It's a beautiful name for a little girl and an adult woman. If you love it, then go for it!!!!

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    I love ALL the options. In fact Audrey was our original pick for our first daughter who we named Ava. A close friend at the time was planning on naming her daughter Aubrey and we changed because it was too close. Despite it's popularity I still love and adore Ava's name if that helps.

    I would choose Audrey. I think it fits your vintage but classic feel, especially with the Audrey Hepburn association. It doesn't get better than that. I adored the suggestion of Audrey Olivia. Perfect flow, great way to combine two name loves.

    I like Ava paired with the Sophia variation better. Mind you, I love the Sophie variation the best, but I'm bringing this up for a sibset perspective. Sophia (although being Greek) sounds more Italian with the Latin based Ava.

    And although I think it's gorgeous Olivia just doesn't quite fit with Sophie for me the way Audrey does.

    I will comment though, that if you and I were friends in real life, we'd probably be in a constant fist fight over baby names!
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    I love Olive!
    It fits well with Sophie!

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    All names are lovely, but Audrey is the BEST!

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