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    Sophie and Audrey are cute together.
    Audrey, Ava and Olivia are pretty popular names.
    I think you will be okay with there not being too many Sophies, but there will more Sophias.
    Maybe tweek the names you love a bit.
    Audra instead of Audrey. Eva instead of Ava. Livia instead of Olivia.
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    All your names are great choices and you really can't go wrong. My top choice is Audrey. Audrey just brings to mind friendly sophisticated elegance, if that makes any sense.
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    For what it's worth we named our daughter Hannah when it was #4 and there isn't a single other Hannah in her large public school grade. Choose a name you love!

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    I disagree with @mclevine--if you add up the numbers, even the number one, Sophia, isn't terribly popular. Since I don't know you're state, I'll do mine as an example. In my state, Emma is the most popular, so I'll use that as an example, rather than Sophia, but it's just a comparison of the most popular name against Audrey, Ava, and Olivia:

    There were 869 little Emmas born in my state in 2012, with 67 counties, and 19 public school districts in my county personally. So that averages out to 12.97 or so Emmas born in my county alone, so the average school district has .68 Emmas born for the year of 2012. So this grades, too, by the way, not classrooms. And, by the way, it doesn't include private secular schools, private Catholic schools, private Christian-but-not-Catholic schools, home schools, or charter-type schools. This is strictly the public schools we're talking about here. Names are much more diversified than we usually think.

    Ava, in my state, is number 3, with 769 births (a whole 100 less little girls with the name). So that's 11.47 Avas born in each county, and about a 60% average that there will be an Ava in each grade. The likelihood there is that there will essentially be an Ava in every other grade.

    Olivia, in my state, ranks number 4, with 762 births. That's 11.37 Olivias born in each county, with a 59% chance of there being an Olivia in each grade.

    Audrey, in my state, is way down at 62, so I don't know what it'd be in your state. It's 21 points higher nationally. But there were 160 Audreys born in my state last year. But that's 2.39 Audreys per county, and .13 per public school district. That's almost to the point where there will only be one Audrey per school district.

    Just to give some idea of what popularity is really like. The most popular names are given to a much smaller percentage than they were in the 80s, and especially in the 60s or so. For what it's worth, Olivia is by far my favorite--it's in my own top three and I adore it so much--the peace symbolism, the connections to Twelfth Night (my favorite Shakespeare play, ever, btw), its liveliness (I love the nn Liv! It just feels so full of life and exuberance)... I just adore it. But at the same time, the idea of two top-10 names (or similar to top 10 names) seems rather boring to me--if I used one top 10 name, I'd at least try and stay away from another one. So for that reason Audrey gets my vote--I adore it, and it has that vintagey/old-fashioned/classic/respectable air that you seem to be looking for, and Sophie and Audrey are adorable together. And it's a bit off the beaten path, which you seem to be looking for, as well. I think it's a great choice. Possibly you could do Audrey Olivia (or Olivia Audrey! I have to say, I adore Olivia Audrey!).

    Ava is lovely as well--I just adore Audrey and Olivia, personally.
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    My preference is Audrey. A name of great beauty, depth and history. Olivia would be a distant second place.
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