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    Audrey, Ava or Olivia?

    I am 3 days away from delivering and have been debating the names Audrey, Ava and Olivia for months and simply can't make up my mind. I love all 3 but am honesly leaning towards Audrey right now simply because Ava and Olivia are hugely popular (top 10) while Audrey is #41, therefore less common / more unique. I really don't want her to have the same name of other kids in her class and have to grow up being differentiated by the first initial of her last name. But I like Ava and Olivia so much that I am having a hard time letting go of them. My other daughter's name is Sophie, and I love the fact that it is NOT Sophia but a less common version. Our intent is to choose a name of the new baby which is vintage and classic like Sophie. I woulod appreciate any opinions.

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    I really like Sophie and Olivia together, they are so sweet, but I do understand your concern with popularity. Sophie and Audrey are cute as well if you don't mind them ending on the same sound. For some reason I'm not a fan of Sophie and Ava.
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    I love all your names, but I like Audrey the best
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    All three names are lovely, but Sophie and Olivia just sound like they should be sisters to me!

    I agree with pp that Ava and Sophie just don't go as well, and the similar ending on Audrey and Sophie would bother me if I were you.
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    Sorry but #41 is not unique at all. Unique is one of kind and if it is in top 50...Imagine how many little Audrey were born last year.
    Ava is cute but too overexposed and Audrey doesn't really appeal to me. But I love Olivia. If popularity doesn't matter for you, I vote Olivia.
    !Idea! If your daughter's name is a less popular version of #1 Sophia, what about using less common Olive instead of Olivia? It's definitely vintage and so pretty. I think Sophie and Olive make a great sister-set.

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