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    Audrey, Ava or Olivia?

    I am 3 days away from delivering and have been debating the names Audrey, Ava and Olivia for months and simply can't make up my mind. I love all 3 but am honesly leaning towards Audrey right now simply because Ava and Olivia are hugely popular (top 10) while Audrey is #41, therefore less common / more unique. I really don't want her to have the same name of other kids in her class and have to grow up being differentiated by the first initial of her last name. But I like Ava and Olivia so much that I am having a hard time letting go of them. My other daughter's name is Sophie, and I love the fact that it is NOT Sophia but a less common version. Our intent is to choose a name of the new baby which is vintage and classic like Sophie. I woulod appreciate any opinions.

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