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    Help me figure out how to honor my brothers... TIA!

    Okay so I have the worlds two most amazing brothers. It doesn't matter what I need, they always come through. I want to honor them without actually using their exact name (neither of them are a fan of their own names lol). If I cant come up with anything that we can use, I will be honoring my mom and grandfather by using William in the middle name spot. It's my moms maiden name.

    Their names are...
    Thomas Allen
    Chad Michael

    My Ideas
    1. Callen Michael (using the C from Chad combined with Allen) My husband isnt the biggest fan of Callen/Callan and will only consider for mn spot.
    2. Liam Callen (trying to honor everyone at once but Liam is so popular)

    Our naming style for boys are names such as
    Liam (LOVE but extremely popular)

    Any other ideas?
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    My first thought was 'Thad' or Thaddeus (Mixing TH from Thomas and AD from Chad)
    Thaddeus William is gorgeous but idk if that's too far from your style.

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    Thaddeus William is a good idea. I like nicknames Tad or Ted more than Thad, though. I also think Liam Callen is great; popularity doesn't have to be a deal breaker, though only you know how much popularity would bother you.

    Other ideas:
    McAllen, McAllister/Macallister (Mc from Michael+Allen; William McAllen, Liam McAllen, or McAllen up front would be handsome, and nickname Mac would incorporate three of their four initials)
    Matthew (from initials M, A, and T)
    Chase (the Ch from Chad and the "as" ending of Thomas) or Chasen (ditto plus the -en of Allen)
    Mitchell (a bit of a stretch, but the Mi from Michael, T from Thomas, Ch from Chad, and double L from Allen)

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    Oh, and Camden might work well since its first three letters could be for the initials C (Chad), A (Allen), M (Michael) and -en for Allen. I thought about whether Camten or Camton, using the T initial, would work or just look weird...

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    I like Callen.

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