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    I have always adored the name Clementine, as does my husband, which is fantastic!
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    If I'm lucky enough to fall pregnant with a third girl she will be Clementine. The other names are so much more common so I think you're onto a good thing. The nn of Emmy really sold it for me.

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    My personal favorites are Georgina and Clementine. Why not do Clementine Arabella Georgina Phoebe? Just have three middle names! That's what I'd do if I couldn't choose!
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    If you plan on having multiple children Georgia & Phoebe would be lovely sisters to Clementine. I don't think Arabella fits with the other names.

    I misread Georgina as Georgia
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    Clementine - this is an awesome name! I don't think it gets used nearly enough
    Arabella - This is a little bit too frilly for me. I like it, but don't love it. It sounds like it's trying to hard, and I prefer Clementine. On the plus side, Arabella fits in with all the current Annabelle's and Isabella's, but it still stands out.
    Georgina - for some reason, the -ina ending to me seems overly feminine, frilly, and borderline ridiculous for some reason. So I STRONGLY prefer simple Georgia. But, if you love the more feminine ending of Georgina, it's a lovely choice.
    Phoebe - I do adore this name, too...but it seems a little bit boring compared to Clementine and Georgina.

    I'd vote for Clementine!
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