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    I'm sorry to hear you've been having such trouble- hope everything works out for you!

    I agree with Lexiem about taking an older child's opinion into consideration- it is their name, after all. If the child isn't old enough for that, there's nothing wrong with choosing the best-sounding name. I am of the opinion that when a family name is passed down, it becomes the individual's name- so your hyphenated last name isn't so much your father's name-mother's name, it's all yours, reflecting your unique background. Any part of that would be meaningful and fine to use.

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    Thank you all for your calming words! I would definitely consult an older child about any change in their name, and maybe picking which one would be a fun way to bring them into the family. Truthfully, it's a problem I'd be lucky to have. I've chilled out now! Thanks!

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