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    Thanks for your comments, all opinions bad or good are gratefully received.

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    My favorite from your list is Eloise! Fits perfect with your other children, and I just love that name!!! Imogen I don't care for. Seren- I prefer Serena... and the others are o.k.
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    Quote Originally Posted by waiting77 View Post
    So some names I have been mulling over, what are your opinions?


    I already have two children called Isla Rose and Henry. I'm struggling to find a girls name that isn't already used in my family (large family) or immediate friend circle.


    Isla Rose...ahhh love!

    On your list...

    Imogen : this one gets love on here but to me its just musty. I only see it as a name for someone 70+ yrs old.

    Carys : like! It grows on you.

    Eloise : this is definitely one that grows on you too. I didn't like it at first, but its really making a comeback. If uniqueness matters to you, I don't know that is pick it bc so many "el-" names are popular right now.

    Iris : my favorite on this list!!! But I do think its far too close to isla.

    Seren : this one is so cool and I love that it means star.

    Emmeline : absolutely adorable with a touch of charm!

    May : it just falls short for me.

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    I love Seren - maybe because I just finished The Seamstress (great book, btw).
    Emeline, Imogen and Iris would be next.

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    Imogen - Really nice. A little hard to pronounce
    Carys/Cerys - Pronunciation?
    Eloise - Beautiful
    Iris - Way too close to Isla
    Seren - Looks like a misspelled Serena
    Emmeline - Lovely. Love the nn Emmy
    May - ok

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