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Thread: Felix!

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    I think it's a great unisex name. The alternatives aren't great...I am a bit scarred by Felicia because I had a good friend called Felicia throughout school and (I'm so sorry, crudeness alert) in high school the boys all called her Felatio. It was devastating for her. Felicity is too attached to the TV show for my generation plus a bit saccarine regardless. And for heaven's sake Felixa sounds made up in my opinion --why would Felix be wrong but Felixa be fine? That makes no sense.

    Felix is spunky, like Alex or Casey. It's a great idea!
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    I don't think there is any such thing as 'too popular' these days because people are being more and more creative with their naming choices. I do understand what you mean though, you want something unique! I love boy names on girls and in certain circumstances girl names for boys! Think greek/roman mythology names such as Phaedra, Peaches Geldof's son and Artemis which is the name attributed to the godess of the moon. Naming a girl Felix, in my opinion, shakes away any stigma it might have because of its popularity. Hilary is also a good option for a 'happy' girl name, but maybe that is because it is my name!

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    I worked with a woman named Felix today. Formally she's Felice, but she says her Mexican family doesn't register Felice as a name, and has always called her Felix. Not my thing, but I had to mention it to you. There is a female Felix out there!

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    I'm surprised not to see more love for Felicia here, I love Felicia Day and think that most nerdy people would appreciate it

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    I like it in theory, but growing up with a completely unisex name and being confused for a boy several times sort of ruins names crossing genders for me.
    I like using Felicity or Felicia on papers and at school, but Felix as a 100%-of-the-time nickname.
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