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Thread: Felix!

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    I was re-reading some of the posts and thinking Felicity didn't feel right for you, at all.
    I logged off for a couple of hours and kept toying with the idea of Rowan and Felixa.
    Which I instantly fell in love with and so I had to come back and suggest it. (It's now on my extended list).
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    While I quite like gender-bending nicknames, I am not a fan of using masculine given names for girls. A nickname is optional, a given name less so. When meeting a girl with a boys name it makes me think that the parents were disappointed to have a girl. It also sends a bit of an anti-feminist message, because tons of people might like Felix or Ryan or James on a girl but no one wants to name a son Felicity or Rose or Anna...because a boy would be mocked for being too feminine, whereas it's ok for a girl to be more masculine because on a whole, we as a society consider masculinity to be superior. That is a really sad message to be sending to both our daughters and our sons, in my opinion. I am certain that is not your intention at all, but it will still contribute to that message whether we want it to or not. I just can't like boys names on girls until girls names are equally acceptable for boys, sorry.

    I do really like the suggestions of Felixa and Filix, though! Felix could be a cute nn for Fiona Alexis (or anything with an F and X in the combo, really). Phoebe or Daphne have similar sounds and are not frilly at all. Or Xanthe Selah would be very nice as an alternative to Silas on a girl and would sound great with Rowan!

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    Yes, I truly like Felixa!

    Rowan and Felix, Felix would always be assumed as a boy, and may resent that. But Felixa is obviously female imo, so it's a good fit.
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    The Latin adjective 'felix' is actually both the male and the female form of the word, so I see nothing wrong with a female Felix. I personally prefer Felicitas though.

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    To be perfectly honest, I'd find it ridiculous on a girl.
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