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Thread: Felix!

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    My favorite of your combos is Felix Cordelia but I feel like Felix Faye sounds better with Rowan Jane and sounds more like you... Does that makes sense?

    I think I like Sawyer Faye more (stealing from your signature) than Felix Faye.
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    I love it! One of my daughter's classmates is a girl named Elliot and I wish I had thought of that one first. Felix feels similar to me, so cute and original.

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    Felix on a girl breaks my heart. But it's because I love it sooooo much on a boy I just can't imagine it otherwise.
    However, I can totally see your family making it work.
    I'm still hung up on Alys for you and could totally see variant Felix Elise working really well.
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    You could do Alix Fae. Alix is the medieval French version of Alice, you get the -lix ending, still has that slight masculine feel even though it is a legit femine name. And it's very chic in France at the moment!

    I still love Felix though, just wanted to throw it in there!
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    Your daughter Rowan's name is unisex. Felix is not. It's all-male. A male saint's name at that (and that's a sacred association to some religious people like me). It saddens me that anyone would choose it for a girl. I don't think it works for a girl and why consider it when there is a perfectly fine feminine forms like Felicity or Felice? It's also very different in style to Rowan. I think Sawyer is a better "fit" with Rowan. Alternatives: Phoenix, Calix or Lennox.
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