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Thread: Felix!

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    Lightbulb Felix!

    So, Felix has been on my list for awhile now but today we were watching reruns of Master Chef and one of the contestants was a cute Asian girl named Felix. I have considered Felix for a girl before but I was worried about it becoming too popular so I kind of pushed it aside for either gender. So, what are your thoughts on Felix? I know it's a Nameberry cardinal sin, but I feel like I deserve equal feedback on my name choices. I understand that it's not everyone's style, but if you could give me some general thoughts on the name itself... do you see it becoming too popular in the next few years?

    The only problem I see is that my middle name choices don't really work with it... but I'm not really tied to any of the middles, I could find something else if needed.

    Felix Faye - kind of cute I guess, I don't mind alliteration
    Felix Alys - just doesn't sound right
    Felix Cordelia - works I suppose...
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    Felix is all boy to me. You could always have a Felicity nick named Felix. It hasn't really reached unisex island. As far as popularity... i don't think it will ever be super popular in the United States. It feels both daring, and old man all at the same time. It has a lot of the same charm as Alfie... so it could get more popular in Brittan. My best association with the name is Harry Potter, "Liquid Luck" lol I see an all star male athlete named Felix.
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    Sorry to say this, but are you sure it isn't just a nickname for Felicity or Felicia? Felix is cute, I can see the appeal (yes, for a girl). But still, it's a boy name.
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    I know 2 little boys called Felix, I've never heard it used for a girl before, but that's not to say that it can't be. From your list I like Felix Cordelia best, incidentally I know of a little girl called Cordelia, Cordy for short. I just adore it.

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    I always ADORE Felix for a girl!
    If Maxwell and Lincoln have been used for so why not Felix.Imo this name is soft and not too masculine
    Felix Cordelia is stunning!

    How about
    Felix Anastasia
    Felix Rosalind
    Felix Melisande
    Felix Violet
    Felix Indigo

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