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    I had a long list which I showed my husband. It was alphabetical and he stopped at the first name: 'Agnes??? You like Agnes? Both my grandmothers were called Agnes, I didn't think you'd like it, are you sure? Let's call her Agnes!'.

    Felicity was a long term favourite of mine (I had a teacher named Felicity and also wanted another name from the Litany of the Saints to go with Agnes). But there were lots of others on the list, nothing jumped out as easily as Agnes and that is how I discovered Nameberry...only to end up back at my first choice.
    Thrilled to be mother to @gnes Ei1ish Madeline and Fe1icity Bridget Be@trice

    If we'd had boys the list was: Godfrey, Seamus, Alexander, Michael, Felix, Peter, Ignatius & Sebastian.

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    I felt like I was having a boy my entire pregnancy and called him Sidney for the whole 9mts. But, when he was born, he just didnt look like a Sidney. I was really surprised that a newborn could look or not look like a name but it just didnt fit.

    After a few hours at the hospital, I decided that his name would be Finn Alexander. The name Finn wasnt even on my name list but was at the bottom of my husband's top 5.

    My son is totally a "Finn" I cannot imagine him by any other name and other people have said that about him too.

    In a few months we are having a girl, I will probably have a list of 5 names but I will wait again to see her before making any decisions.

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    We didnt pick the names of our children before I got pregnant. We had favourite names, but we didn't really think about using them until the opportunity came around. I think I was about 32 weeks when we finalized Astoria's name (we knew the gender), about 26 when we finalized Matteo's (again, we knew the gender). With Reverie & Juniper we didnt know the gender so we had to come up with 2 names at least. With Reverie I was about 32 when we finalized a girl & boy name, and we didnt choose a name for Juniper until after she was born because we were struggling for names but we had a list of about 4 names for each gender.
    Mum to 4.

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    I had loved the name Owen since I was like 11 or 12, but we almost didn't name him that because I didn't love it with our last name, and also because I feared how popular it had become. In the end, he's such an Owen and I am very happy with his name. As for Eloise (who we call Lola), that was a name that had never occurred to me until I was pregnant with her. We didn't find out the gender with Eloise (we had with Owen) so we went in with a boys and a girls name (She would have been Emmett Stephen if she were a boy.)
    **Proud mama to Owen McCabe and Eloise Mairead aka "Lola Mae" **

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    I am expecting our 4th child... I have not used any of the name combos I dreamed up as a child/teen yet. lol

    All of our kid's names so far have been a great compromise. I wanted to name our 1st (boy) Silas. Dh liked Caedmon and he had been studying the history of the story of Caedmon in college for some reason. So the compromise was to use both names and the only way they flowed well was Caedmon Silas. My intention was to call him Silas, but when he came out I knew he was a Caedmon through and through.

    With our 2nd my favorite two names were Kathryn and Kathleen. Dh hated Kathleen and had found a obscure name in a celtic baby name book that he liked. So her named ended up being Kathryn Fianna so we could both get our way.

    With our 3rd I was set on using Elizabeth. It is my middle and I was named after my maternal grandmother and her mother and so on back through history. DH felt it was too long and didn't want to use it as a first because he hates nicknames and was afraid I would call her Lizzie all the time. I would have.
    So he gave me a short list of names he likes and the one that fit best was Phoebe. So that is how we got our Phoebe Elizabeth.

    With this one (another girl) we knew we needed to use a name from his side of the family and my paternal grandmother was ticked that we used Elizabeth since it came from my mom's side. So Marie became a certain choice for a middle name. After my paternal grandmother and DH's favorite Aunt.
    Now our problem is that neither of us really picked the middle name so we have to agree on a first name. Our naming styles/tastes are so different that this seems impossible.
    I'm having a hard time agreeing to a name he really likes because I feel like I'm settling and there is no way he will ever agree to any of the names I really like. So we are at a stand still it seems with 6-8 weeks to go before little girl makes her arrival. lol

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