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    I already have my first daughter already named, and that was unintentional.

    I ended up falling for a name extremely hard, and then it grew and I honestly can't imagine myself with a daughter named something other than Alessandra.
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    I can hardly fathom it now, but as much as dh and I discussed our desire for a large family before we were married we never discussed baby names. During that pregnancy we together found a boy's name and a girl's name. We used our boys name then and despite some back and forthing during our next pregnancy ultimately used the original girl's name for our daughter. After my son Paul was born I immediately knew I wanted to name his brother Mark and never wavered from that. I felt that dh hadn't had much say in Mark's name so I gave him free range for his middle name. Since then things have been far more difficult, with much pre-pregnancy name discussion and I still find myself wavering until the last moment, though I always go to the hospital with the name finalized.
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    I had a few names chosen (and a definite) top choice, before I got pregnant - I've always been obsessed with names.

    However, once I got pregnant, I started to notice all the potential negatives of my top choices even more. And then when Dad said he didn't like the choices (we're not in a relationship), I was willing to compromise. He chose the girl's name (although it is on my longer list, and a nickname of it was one of my top 5), and I chose the boy's name...but we both vetoed a lot of each's other's choices before getting to these.

    If I had the say all my own, I *might* have chosen my #1 choice from pre-pregnancy for both genders. But now, I'm pretty sure even if he said "name the baby whatever you want", I'd still stick to our girl's choice. I'd pick something else for a boy, though.

    The names we chose are Lillian and Rowan.
    I would have chosen Beatrix (or Aurelia) and Apollo.

    We'll see if we actually stick to these once the baby comes! We shook on it, so hopefully it all pans out.
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    We had a list for girls and one for boys, of the girls we had a definite favourite which is what we went with as soon as she was born.
    Had baby been a boy I suspect he would have been unamed for awhile.

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    We went into hospital knowing it was a girl with the names Zara August my pick) and Alba Rose (his) picked out.
    We left hospital with Ayla Alba-Rose.
    Ayla had been briefly mentioned but not really stuck for either of us. (I liked Aella (pronounced the same) because it was the name of an Greek amazon). It wasn't in either of our top 5 but i took one look at her and that's who she was. DH chose the spelling to ayla becaise he felt the aella spelling was too confusing. Because I technically decided her first name he still got his in her mn.
    I still look at her and think I never would have chosen Ayla but she suites it. I really feel that it fits her.

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