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    We had picked out names for our kids long before we got pregnant. Once we were actually expecting those were out the window and we picked A new one together. We had also thought of names for siblings for our first after we had her and those have been tossed as well. We are working on more names while ttc for number three and many times I have wonder that if once I get pregnant these names will still be on the list or not.
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    NO! It was a major struggle finding names we both really liked. In the end we both compromised thinking the other loved the name we settled upon. We've since realized that we each thought the other loved the name, but really we both just liked it enough not to veto it. :/ That said, it has never been a problem. My little man could make me fall in love with any name!
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    My DH vetoed every name I suggested, refused to look at the baby name book, and refused to offer any suggestions. The day I was going to be induced, I put the list of names I had chosen in his briefcase and told him to look at it. When he got home, he told me he had chosen a boy name, Joshua Oliver. While I was in labor, he still had no opinion on girl names. He chose one the night before she was born.

    With our second, he had no opinions, again. I had a strong opinion, and got our then-6-yo on my side. Jemima's first name was picked out not long after we found out we were expecting her. Her middle name was picked off the list by DH less than half an hour before she born. He also decided on a different boy name.

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    We decided to use family names, so it wasn't until we were pregnant that we selected our name. We decided not to find out the sex of our baby, so I had a really hard time convincing him to make a decision about a boy's name. (He was POSITIVE we were having a baby girl.) Of course, he was wrong, and I was so happy I had nagged.

    The process worked for us like this; I made a large list of options I liked, together we narrowed down the list to 10, then he picked a top 5, I picked a top 3, and we made the final decision together. It worked for us. Next time though, I can't wait to find out the sex, and we already have a top girl and a top boy name selected and we are just ttc.

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    After my daughter was born was the first time we even talked about names together! We ended up choosing a name that he has loved for a while and a name that I have loved for a while. Neither of us could have ever thought that we'd wind up with her name the way it is, especially since we decided to double-barrel it.

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