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    Question For those of you who have named a child who is here..

    Did you end up naming them something you had picked before you were pregnanct? Was it a favorite of yours that your partner agreed with or something you picked out together?

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    My SO and I weren't together while I was pregnant with our first so I had picked out her first name on my own while pregnant - though I had liked it for a loooong time anyway. When he finally started to come around, I told him he could pick out her middle as long as he stuck to some guidelines, and incidentally enough, he chose the middle I was thinking of using anyway!
    This time around, we picked it together mostly. I threw out some ideas and he chose his two favorites.
    So in a way, I did most of the picking, but he helped!
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    My DS was deployed during my entire pregnancy (and actual birthing for that matter), so he didn't have too much sway in the name choice. We did not know the gender of our baby prior to DH's leaving so when I found out we were having a boy, I literally told him it was a boy and that his name was going to be Bram. DH picked out the middle name.

    Hopefully next time around it will be a little more colleberative
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    Not with our first. We had talked about names when ttc, but when we were actually pg we changed our minds and chose 2 boys names and 1 girl that we hadn't even discussed beforehand.

    With DS1 we used my choice of the 2 names and with DS2 I was pretty sure we'd use his choice though we did discuss more names and went in with 2 choices for a boy again and the same girls' name.

    With DD we had our girls' name from the boys' but I had another name I liked as well. For a boy we had 2 names we each liked and it was going to be a battle again. In the end we went with the new girls' name.

    With this pg I have liked the girls' name I think we're going to use for a while, but DP has thrown another in the ring, but I'm not keen. We found out the gender by mistake this time, so have no boys' choices. We're still looking at names in case we find something better.
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    I pretty much do the short list, my OH narrows it down and then we discuss it together til we have 2 or 3 options... I usually have the final say. We have always decided beforehand.

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