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    My two ended up with names that were not on the list! Their names came to one of us and we decided right then and there that it was the right name. Middle names came off the list for both.

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    I really loved a name and it just happened to be the name of an Uncle of my ex-husband (son's father) who had recently passed so he was more than happy to use it.
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    My baby's names were all picked out before I got pregnant. Sebastian was my favorite name since I was a teenager, my ex-h (his dad) picked out his middle- a family name on his side. Oliver's name was picked in my mind before I got pg with him and his middle name was chosen right before he was born (after my dad), Elliott's name was picked out with my new DH before he was conceived and his middle name is after DH's grandfather.

    This time, I also want to have the name picked out before I get pregnant, but we are only picking out a girl's name, no boys names will be considered before I get pregnant/find out the sex- if it's a boy. We REALLY want a girl! With all my boys, the boys name was 100% (at least their first) before I got pregnant, but not any girl names.. so I want to be 100% on a girls name this time. lol
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    I had a name picked a long time before pregnancy and I was going to use it but 2 days before my daughter's birth I changed my mind and picked another name. But I think I will pick the name for our next child before pregnancy.

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    Our first two we picked out with in the first few weeks of learning what we were having... The rest of them I have a list that I am continually adding too... although, I will say I have only added a hand few with the last pregnancies. We refer to the list.... With Serena... it was down to the wire... she was the first of our babies we did not name until after she was born and we really went back and forth with her name. We thought she would be our last...and then, surprise with this one, we are back to our list , but have it narrowed down to a boys name (working on a middle name) and three girls names... so, not too bad....
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